An Evening of Poetic Elegance: Islamabad’s First Women’s Mushaira

ISLAMABAD: In a delightful evening filled with art and culture, Islamabad witnessed its first-ever “women’s mushaira” – a poetry recitation event – where talented poets and artists came together to share their creativity and thoughts. The gathering was graced by an array of talented and vibrant women, including prominent poets and performers, turning the evening into a tapestry of creativity.

Among the distinguished attendees were Noshaba Shaukat, Afshan Huma, Sanobar Altaf, Karan, Horia, and the enigmatic Abraham. The event drew a large audience, comprised of gifted and intellectually inclined women, eager to immerse themselves in the world of poetry and expression.

The evening commenced with a captivating performance by the students of Zainab’s Kathak, enthralling the audience with the rhythmic elegance of “Chan Chan” and a melodic dhamak. The atmosphere was electric, setting the stage for an enchanting evening.

The evening’s enchanting atmosphere was further enhanced by the gracious hosting of Ismat Jabeen, who ensured that every aspect of the event flowed seamlessly. Adding another layer of literary richness, Shabana Zafar took the stage and eloquently recited two captivating poems penned by the renowned poet Khaliq Khaleeq.

These verses, filled with depth and emotion, resonated deeply with the audience, showcasing the enduring impact of timeless poetry in the world of culture and art. The event, made even more special by Ismat Jabeen’s hospitality and Shabana Zafar’s poignant recitations, stood as a testament to the enduring power of poetry to inspire and unite communities.

Zainab Dar, the driving force behind this remarkable gathering, was persuaded by the enthusiastic participants to perform Kathak herself, adding a touch of her artistic brilliance to the event.

Following these mesmerizing performances, the poets took center stage, reciting their verses and ghazals. What made this evening even more special was the participation of young students, who shared their own poetry, imbued with conscious and intellectual sensitivity. Their words resonated with a profound sense of purpose.

Sanobar Altaf, a renowned poet, graced the stage with her presence, and in response to the audience’s request, added a touch of romance to the evening with her beautiful verses. Afshan Huma also enthralled the audience with her poetry before serenading everyone with the beloved Punjabi song “Sone Di Tavetri.”

Even our humble scribe had the privilege to recite two short prose poems. With the encouragement of Zainab, a third piece was presented, seizing the opportunity to contribute to this artistic gathering.

Zainab Dar, herself a talented poet, mesmerized the audience with her evocative Urdu and Punjabi verses. Her heartfelt words resonated with the essence of the evening.

Throughout the event, Zainab’s hospitality shone brightly, treating everyone to a delightful spread of cookies, sandwiches, crispy salted snacks, and, of course, tea. The atmosphere was charged with good wishes and camaraderie, with heartfelt thanks extended to “Tahiyyur.”

The mushaira ended with a reception, where the guests enjoyed refreshments and conversation. Everyone agreed that it had been a wonderful evening, and they looked forward to the next one.

The women’s mushaira was a success on many levels. It was a platform for women to share their creativity and their voices. It was also a celebration of art and culture, and it showed that women are just as capable of producing great poetry as men.

The mushaira was also a testament to the hard work and dedication of Zainab Dar. She has been a tireless advocate for women’s rights, and she has created a space where women can come together to express themselves and to learn from each other.

About Tahiyyur

“Tahiyyur” is a creative platform founded by Zainab Dar, dedicated to nurturing and showcasing women’s artistic talents. Apart from hosting events like the “women’s mushaira,” “Tahiyyur” conducts regular “Kathak” classes and has even staged captivating theatrical productions.

The Taher platform is a valuable resource for women in Islamabad. It provides a space for women to learn about art and culture, and it also provides a platform for them to share their own creativity. The mushaira was a great example of the power of Taher, and it is sure to inspire many more women to pursue their dreams.

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