“Tahayyur” Marks Women’s Day with Celebration of Art, Theatre & Dialogue

Tahayyur celebrated women by organising a vibrant evening dedicated to the life and works of Amrita Pritam. A diverse audience graced the event, exchanging views about poetry and art.

The evening aspired to remember legendary poets who have forcefully been omitted from our literary curriculum, while giving our young poets and their work the platform to shine.

Noted poets and human rights activists Harris Khalique and Salman Asif mesmerised the audience with their poetry. Khalique, who was also the chief guest, appreciated the effort and urged the need for such events to continue and grow. He said that art transcends boundaries and age and should be incorporated into all facets of life.

Tahayyur’s home grown Kathak artists performed at the event, with their performance designed to highlight kathak’s unique characteristics including salaam and teen taal ka tukda. The group ended the night by performing on Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s evergreen Bol ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere.

The evening was moderated by senior journalist and poet Ismat Jabeen who gave an insight into how art had benefitted aspects of her personality.

Zainab Dar, the event’s host and driving force behind Tahayyur, thanked everyone and hoped future efforts will be met with support.


Since 2022, Tahayyur provides a safe haven for art afficionados. It aims to introduce classical art forms to youngsters. The platform has organized events in the past revolving around the lives of Bhagat Singh and Rabindranath Tagore.

Saddia Mazhar

Saddia Mazhar, an accomplished Investigative Journalist hailing from District Sahiwal, Punjab, possesses a fervor for unveiling impactful narratives. With a demonstrated history of hosting radio shows, web TV programs, contributing to esteemed publications, and steering digital media platforms, she stands as a notable figure in the field. Connect with her on Twitter @SaddiaMazhar. She can be contacted at thesaddia@gmail.com
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