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Zero-Tolerance policy for harassment at workplace: Saqib Rafiq

FOSPAH is deeply committed to creating safe working environments for women: Fauzia Viqar

Rawalpindi: An awareness session on harassment against women at workplace was organized at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rawalpindi (RCCI). The session was organized in connection with International Women’s Day 2024.

Ms. Fauzia Viqar, Federal Ombudsperson against Harassment, said that FOSPAH is deeply committed to creating safe working environments for women and to ensuring protection against harassment for all labour force. Ms. Viqar, who was the Chief guest at the Session, highlighted the significance of recognizing and addressing harassment, emphasizing FOSPAH’s role in facilitating justice for victims. Ms. Viqar encouraged women to raise their voices against harassment and assured the complete support and protection of FOSPAH.

Saqib Rafiq, President RCCI and Chairman Rawalpindi Waste Management Company in his address said that we are following zero tolerance policy against harassment at workplace.
Mr. Rafiq suggested maintaining a database of convicted individuals to deter future misconduct, a suggestion that garnered significant attention and support. He said that the ratio of women in total population is fifty percent and Rawalpindi Chamber has always tried to ensure that women are empowered and become equal participants in the country’s economy.
Ms. Meher Jamy, Law Officer at FOSPAH, shed light on the procedures available for lodging harassment complaints emphasizing that all genders, including transgendered individuals, are protected under the law. She outlined the definition of harassment and elaborated on the expanded scope of the law, highlighting its focus on real issues at the workplace.

The event aimed not only to celebrate the invaluable contributions of women but also to address the prevalent challenges hindering their success.
On this occasion, women members of the Chamber, Manager Training and Development Rawalpindi Waste Management Company Aqsa Shakeel, female Staff of RCCI and RWMC attended the session..

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