World Homeopathy Day

On 10th April World homeopathy day is celebrated around the world, the day of contribution & importance of homeopathy in the medical system and the birthday of the great scientist, scholar, linguist & father of the homeopathy medical system Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The term “homeopathy” is given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann & for the first time appeared in print in 1807. About 200 years ago, the world homeopathy awareness organization celebrated world homeopathy awareness week from April 10th to April 16th.
On this day, I would like to give you an informative article about this healthy event to draw your focus to the term homeopathy.

Homeopathy is the 2nd largest system of the world according to (W.H.O). The founder of homeopathy, great scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, was born on April 10th, 1755, in the German town of Meissen Saxony. His father was an artist. Dr. Hahnemann was very talented and in his youth he learned many languages including English, French, Italian, Greek and Latin. Later he also mastered in Arabic, Hebrew and a few more languages for further research work. On August 10, 1779, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann received his MD degree. After receiving the degree with honors, he started his services as an allopathic doctor or physician and began practicing regular allopathic medicine, that was also known as Palliative treatment at that time, and “allopathic” term were coined in 1810 by the inventor of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Lets see Dr Samuel Hahnemann statement’s, what really his mission was.
when I began my practice, I gradually realized that the treatment we were giving to the patient is a very harmful and frightening, because it only palliate the patient’s symptoms for a short time and just suppressed it inside the body which later creates more complications to patient and thus the patient becomes a prey of various diseases Whereas in my opinion the treatment should such be pure that not only a patient recovered as soon as possible without any harmness or complication but also other effects might not to be appeared there after. This was the great thinking of great Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
For these reasons, he stopped practicing allopathic medicine and began translating medical books from one language to other because he already knew many languages and so started translating books and worked as a writer. Then one day while he was translating William Colin’s Materia Medica, when he began to read cinchona bark, he knew about its various alkaloids, including quinine, top of the list has long been used for malaria. Dr. Hahnemann was well aware of the pharmacological effects of the medicines; He decided to experiment on himself. He started studying the effects of cinchona bark after that he did a self-experiment to understand about the effects. From this experiment, he concluded that the cinchona drug can induce malaria-like symptoms in a healthy human body, and gave the new medical system of medicines that is homeopathy. According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann similia, similibus, curantur i.e. likes can cure likes.
Dr. Hahnemann then began working on the same theory and began researching substances with different pharmacological effects, as well as proving them on healthy humans.

Thus many medicines were developed and he then started regular homeopathy practice. Various articles and research papers were written on these topics and homeopathy was gradually been used as curing for diseases all over the world. Two and a half centuries ago, this great man explained that just palliation of disease is not a solution. Today, the whole world is agree on this point. Various antibiotics have created resistance or multi drug resistance and modern man is still in the grip of different health problums and a lot of diseases. However, it did happen that many drugs stopped working overtime and In the result of disease suppressions, new diseases began to appear in patients. Genetic disorders are growing rapidly, scientists still have no solution for this issue. Dr. Hahnemann pointed out that, the diseases that we are going to suppressed inside the body will be cause gene mutations and passed from one generation to another, mutation of genes will cause horrible diseases in the coming generations and today we are seeing in children that the list of diseases like diabetes, disability, cerebral palsy, mental or brain illness, thalassemia, blood cancer, muscular dystrophy are appeared. the list is too long and still has to be named. Why such strange diseases have arisen with time, because we have been pushing or suppression of various diseases into the body, as this great man said two and a half years ago today, the same diseases that we have suppressed inside the body. That will be create defect in our DNA & will cause new complications in next generations. Today scientists understood this too, but still they have no solution except homeopathy, people all over the world are turning to homeopathy rapidly. neighboring country India has done a lot in this field and the whole world is takin benefits from it, homeopathic medicine has a key role to play in their economy. Unfortunately, there is still no significant support in our country Pakistan. It is very important and necessary to start working on this alternative medicines if we can’t do this, then we will have to face a dangerous situation in the future.

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