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Wheat flour prices shoot up amid lock down in Mardan

BAKHSHALI: Amid lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, profiteers and hoarders had started making money and increased the wheat flour prices to Rs 1200 per 20 kg as the district administration has failed to control the sudden increase in the prices of essential items.
The official price of 20 kgs flour bag is Rs 808; however, after the coronavirus epidemic and lock down of a union council in Mardan, illegal profiteers and hoarders became active in different areas of the district and started selling 20 kgs upto 1200 rupees.
The district administration has also announced partial lock down in the district and imposed ban on pillion riding, long quees were witnessed to get the flour on the official price at different distribution points in the district.
Like other parts of the district, the markets in Bakhshali, Palo Dheri, Dubai Adda and Sawaldher are also closed for the last seven days have increased the problems for the locals.
Akhtar Ali – a resident of Dubai Adda – said, partial lock down has made the life of daily wagers difficult, they are facing problems not only because of lack of wages but also due to the increase in the price of floor, sugar and other items.
He appealed the deputy commissioner Mardan to take notice of the increase in the floor prices and also increased the quota of the government floor so that the daily wager can also live life in this critical situation.
It is pertinent to mentioned that the first death due to the corona virus was also reported from Manga union council of Mardan and after that lock down was announced in that union council.

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