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Swat’s Hadiqa Bashir Wins Global Citizen Youth Leader Award

Hadiqa Bashir, a 22-year-old from Swat, Pakistan, has won the Global Citizen Youth Leader award, marking a historic achievement for Pakistan.

Bashir is known for her work in promoting education and women’s rights in Swat, where she founded ‘Girls United for Human Rights.’

She actively campaigns against underage marriages in her region, striving for gender equality and advocating for education’s transformative power for girls in tribal areas.

Global Citizen commended her efforts, recognizing her advocacy for gender equality and the importance of education for young girls.

Bashir’s achievements include receiving the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award, the Asian Girls Ambassador Award, and being a finalist for the Commonwealth Award.

She hails from the same hometown as Malala Yousafzai, another advocate for women’s education and Nobel laureate.

Global Citizen is honoring 32 young innovators and advocates from the Asia-Pacific region this year, providing funding for their community projects and inviting them to a Youth Leadership Summit in Melbourne to facilitate collaboration.

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