Right to Information

Successful Resolution of Gratuity Dispute Through Right to Information

Islamabad: Through the proactive utilization of the Right to Information Act and with the invaluable support of the Pakistan Information Commission, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, a retired Pakistan Railways employee, successfully secured his long-overdue gratuity amount of Rs 2.375 million.

Mr. Khalid Mahmood retired from his service at Pakistan Railways in 2021. However, despite two years having passed since his retirement, he had not received his rightful gratuity payment.

Taking matters into his own hands, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, a diligent citizen, decided to exercise his right under the Right to Information Act. He submitted a formal request to Pakistan Railways seeking information about the reasons behind the delay in the disbursement of his gratuity.

Responding promptly to the citizen’s appeal, the Pakistan Information Commission took swift action. The Commission issued a summons to the Secretary of the Ministry of Pakistan Railways, calling for a resolution to this issue.

In a decisive hearing convened at the Pakistan Information Commission on Wednesday, the Joint Director of Pakistan Railways appeared before the Commission. In a written response, the Director confirmed that Mr. Khalid Mahmood’s gratuity amount had been deposited into his account.

Mr. Mahmood verified the successful transfer of the owed funds during the hearing, marking a momentous victory for transparency and accountability.

Mr. Khalid Mahmood praised the Pakistan Information Commission for their exemplary performance and their commitment to ensuring that the citizens’ right to information is protected.

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