Climate Change

Smog Control Room established at Ministry of Climate Change

The Ministry of Climate Change has established Smog Control Room in Lahore to ensure regular monitoring of smog which causes health hazards to population in different areas of the province during Winter season. In a tweet, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam said the process to combat smog has been started.

He said there would be a regular check on crop burning, transport and industrial emissions, brick kilns and cross border emissions which are the main reasons.

Malik Amin said much-needed technology has been provided to farmers to help them avoid burning of paddy crop residue and instead convert the residue into organic fertilizer for boosting fertility of their farmlands.

He said technology is also being introduced across the country under government’s project for Mechanized Management of Rice Crop Residue for which thirty billion rupees are being spent for disbursement of 50,000 units of rice straw shredder.

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