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Sindh govt appoints three members of SIC after a year delay

KARACHI: After a year of delay in the appointment, the Government of Sindh has appointed three members of the Sindh Information Commission (SIC) under the Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act, 2016.

According to the notification issued by the Sindh Information Department, Chief Minister Sindh has approved the appointment of Nusrat Hussain as Chief Information Commissioner and Mrs. Saima Agha and Mr. Shahid Jatoi as Information Commissioners of SIC.

The Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act, 2017 was ratified by the governor in March 2017. The main objective of the law is to ensure transparency and accountability of public bodies in matters of public importance. By practising this act, citizens can seek information from provincial departments, which are bound to provide the information within 15 working days.

SIC was dysfunctional due to the vacant post of the information commissioners since May 30, 2021, which was consequently depriving citizens to exercise their fundamental Right of Access to Information guaranteed under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Saddia Mazhar

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