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RTI Commission for Balochistan Urged

QUETTA: The National Forum of Information Commissioners, a gathering of Information Commissioners from Pakistan’s federal and provincies, convened in Quetta on Wednesday to discuss the progress and achievements of the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Information Secretary, Government of Balochistan, Imran Khan highlighted the government’s commitment to establishing an Information Commission in Balochistan under the recently enacted RTI Act 2021, noting that the act has been duly notified.

Director-General of Public Relations (DGPR), Balochistan Mohammad Noor Khetran emphasized the importance of collaboration among Chief Information Commissioners across provinces, while CPDI Executive Director Mukhtar Ahmad Ali acknowledged the successful implementation of RTI laws in other regions but noted the pending establishment of the Balochistan Information Commission.

Forum members discussed various aspects of RTI law implementation, unanimously emphasizing the urgent need to establish the Balochistan Information Commission and stressing the importance of ensuring effective implementation of access-to-information laws. They also underscored the crucial role of the Information Commission in fostering transparency and accountability within the government.

Despite the progress made at the federal level and in other provinces, the participants expressed concern over the delayed establishment of the Balochistan Information Commission. They urged the provincial government to expedite the process and ensure the timely formation of the commission, as mandated by the RTI Act 2021.

In conclusion, the National Forum of Information Commissioners served as a platform for sharing experiences, identifying challenges, and charting a course for strengthening the implementation of the RTI Act across Pakistan. The participants’ unanimous call for the establishment of the Balochistan Information Commission underscores the importance of this body in upholding the fundamental right to information and promoting good governance in the province.

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