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PTI to Attend Parliament’s Joint Session

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to attend the joint session of parliament, which was previously adjourned until March 27.

As per media reports, PTI senators will participate in the joint sitting of parliament scheduled for the next day.

Opposition leader in Senate, Dr Saleem Shehbaz has called for a meeting of PTI parliamentarians in this regard.

The meeting is set to be held at 2 pm tomorrow at the parliament house, sources suggest. The primary objective of the meeting is to formulate a joint strategy for the joint session of parliament.

During a press conference earlier, the PTI Secretary-General, Asad Umar, stated that the party’s senators would raise their voice against the Election Commission’s ‘unconstitutional move.’

He further highlighted that, as per the Constitution, a caretaker government could not remain legal following the expiration of its 90-day deadline.

Asad Umar also criticized the police against PTI, claiming that they were conducting raids on the homes of PTI leaders and workers while many members were currently under arrest.


It is noteworthy that President Dr Arif Alvi has summoned a session of the National Assembly on Monday at 12:00 noon, and the joint session of parliament will also resume on the same day at 3:00 pm. Both sessions will discuss issues of national importance.

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