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Imran Khan Thanks Lahore for Successful Minar-e-Pakistan Rally

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister, Imran Khan, expressed his appreciation for the people of Lahore who attended the 6th Minar-e-Pakistan rally despite efforts by the Punjab government to obstruct it.

Despite the government’s lockdown of Lahore and the arrest of 2000 PTI workers, a large number of party supporters attended the rally, prompting Imran Khan to thank the Lahories for their unwavering support.

In a tweet, Imran Khan wrote, “Despite cabal of crooks locking down Lahore (see map) & arresting 2000 of our workers, people of Lahore came in huge numbers to make our 6th Minar-i-Pakistan jalsa a great success. I want to especially thank my Lahories for not letting me down yet again. Proud of you.”

The Punjab government had sealed roads leading to Minar-e-Pakistan by placing containers and erecting barricades in an effort to prevent supporters from reaching the venue. Despite the government’s efforts, a large number of PTI supporters managed to make it to the rally.

During the rally, Imran Khan gave a historic address in which he presented an “economic roadmap” for the country’s prosperity. Despite the obstacles, the PTI chairman expressed his gratitude for the determination of the people of Lahore who made the event a success.

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