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PML(N) Cyberbullying Targets Female Journalists

Islamabad: The Pakistan Muslim League (N) has turned to social media to target journalists, particularly females, with bullying tactics following electoral disappointment.

This troubling trend has transformed online platforms into spaces marred by harassment and intimidation, raising alarms about press freedom and media safety.

Pakistan’s Human Rights Council has voiced concern over the growing tide of online harassment targeting journalists, especially females.

The council condemned the unethical use of language against women in the media and called for respect for press freedom. Political leaders were urged to rein in party workers and handle dissent constructively in a democratic society.

Hammad Azhar, PTI Punjab President, lauded the courage of three female journalists—Meher Bukhari, Maria Memon, and Arifa Noor—for their objective reporting despite censorship and pressure. However, cyberbullying persists, with journalist Saddia Mazhar from Sahiwal among the victims.

Saddia Mazhar criticized the Cyber Crime Wing of FIA for inaction against those insulting female journalists on social media.

Civil society activists and journalists have called on Maryam Nawaz Sharif to intervene and prevent her party workers from using abusive language.

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