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PIC fines SoP’s officer for concealing public record

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan information Commission(PIC) imposed penalty on an officer of Survey of Pakistan (SoP) for concealing public record.

According to the details, an Ex-Officer of Survey of Pakistan namely Muhammad Nawaz had filed Appeal No. 936-03-22 before PIC seeking public record of SoP’s bank account in Askari Bank I-8 Markaz branch under Right of Access to Information Act, 2017.

SoP , in order to avoid the supply of requested record, took plea that the said account is not a public account where upon PIC observed that how an officer can open his personal account with the title of his Department and ordered to supply the said record.

After failing compliance of PIC’s order and subsequent Show Cause Notices by the public body, PIC by exercising it’s special powers, imposed penalty of deduction of 15 days salary in respect of Maj. Mehar Ali, Deputy Surveyor General-I of SoP being Head of the administration of SoP and alleged operator of the said bank account, and ordered the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) to implement the order under intimation to Secretary MoD and PIC.

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