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Over 400,000 individuals involved in blasphemy in Pakistan, says legal commission

Islamabad: The Legal Commission on Blasphemy , a non-profit organization, has claimed that the Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime Wing has submitted a report in Lahore High Court, stating that 400,000 individuals were allegedly involved in blasphemous practices in Pakistan.

The commission’s chairman, Rao Abdul Rahim Advocate, stated at a press conference at the National Press Club in Islamabad that on social media, Allah Almighty, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Ahle Bayt, Ummahat-ul-Muminin, Ashab, Holy Quran and the national flag were being systematically desecrated.

He expressed surprise that such incidents were happening in Pakistan, but not in any other country, and added that in 2022, FIA arrested four suspects involved in blasphemy, and during the investigation, it was discovered that they were part of a blasphemy group that had more than 32,000 members.

Abdul Rahim Advocate highlighted that this growing social and religious problem could not be tackled by a few individuals and instead, it requires the entire nation to play its role, and government institutions must fulfill their constitutional responsibilities.

He emphasized that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should register social media and filter out profane and obscene content from being shared, posted, or downloaded in Pakistan.

He also suggested that modern technology should be used to provide FIA Cyber Crime Wing with information on individuals involved in criminal activities to apprehend and bring them to justice.

The Legal Commission on Blasphemy has been active in arresting individuals involved in blasphemy, and 119 people have been arrested as a result of their efforts.

Eleven individuals have been sentenced to death by the trial court, while the High Court has confirmed the death sentence of two accused individuals. Abdul Rahim Advocate appealed to people to observe Friday, April 7, as the ‘National Awareness Day for Prevention of Indecent Content on Social Media’ to raise awareness and stop these incidents of blasphemy.

Shiraz Ahmed Farooqui and Allama Shabir Shah Geelani, senior members of the commission, accompanied Abdul Rahim Advocate during the press conference.

Nadeem Tanoli

Nadeem Tanoli is a seasoned journalist and a member of the National Press Club. With over a decade of experience, he has contributed to various Urdu and English newspapers. Recognized for his dedication to transparency and accountability, he is a recipient of the Right to Information Champion Award. For inquiries, he can be reached at
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