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NAB Questions Bushra Bibi in £190m Scandal

In a significant development, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has issued an exhaustive 11-point questionnaire to Bushra Bibi, the former first lady, in connection with the £190 million scandal case.

The questionnaire delves into various aspects of her involvement, including her educational background, potential enrollment in Islamic teaching courses, and her role in the Al-Qadir University Project Trust.

NAB is seeking clarity on whether Bushra Bibi simultaneously served as both a teacher and a trustee at Al-Qadir University, and whether she received any financial compensation, such as salaries or benefits, from the university.

Beyond her individual responsibilities, NAB is also investigating the origins of the university, the role of Malik Riaz and Bahria Town in its establishment, and the nature of the relationship between Bushra Bibi and Farhat Shehzadi.

NAB’s unwavering commitment to unraveling the intricate details surrounding the £190 million scandal case is evident in its comprehensive investigation.

The anti-corruption body seeks transparency and clarity, and aims to shed light on the unfolding events related to Al-Qadir University and associated matters.

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