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Landi Kotal Jirga Bans Music and Trans Dancing at Weddings

In a surprising and contentious move, Zakha Khel Khyber area of Landi Kotal, a region known for its vibrant musical heritage, has been rocked by a ban on music imposed by local clerics. This unanimous decision, reached during a highly significant gathering, has sparked a heated debate among residents and garnered attention beyond the region.

During the meeting held yesterday, religious scholars from the area unanimously decreed a complete prohibition on transgender parties and performances by local artists at wedding celebrations.

A notification issued following the decision stated that violators would not have their marriages solemnized, and their families would be denied funeral rites for any deceased members. The statement also emphasized a severing of all sympathetic ties with families who violated the ban.

Alongside the ban on music and transgender parties, the meeting also addressed the issue of aerial firing. In a bid to ensure public safety, aerial firing has been strictly prohibited, signaling a commitment to preventing accidents and casualties during festive occasions.

The ulema’s decision has created ripples of discontent within the local community, with some residents expressing concerns about cultural traditions being stifled. However, supporters of the ban argue that it aligns with religious teachings and seeks to promote a more conservative moral environment in Zakha Khel Khyber.

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