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Family of journalist deprived of jewelry, valuables worth Rs 0.4 million

Sadiqbad PS have registered a case, but no arrest could be made till the filing of this report

Rawalpindi: The family of a journalist has been deprived of jewelry and other valuables worth Rs 0.4 million in the limit of Sadiqabad police station.

According to details, two armed motorcyclists intercepted journalist Shehzad Yousafzai’s mother and other female family members in a street in Sadiqabad while they were travelling home on Thursday night and snatched gold bangles, cash, mobile phones and other valuables worth more than Rs400,000 at gunpoint.

It is pertinent to mention here that the incidents of snatching, house robberies and burglaries is talk of the day in Sadiqabad area of Rawalpindi and its surrounding localities as frequent cases of street crime were being reported from the area.

Armed motorcyclists intercept common citizens in streets with thin public moves and rob them at gunpoint.

The local police have registered a case against unidentified persons, under section 392, but no arrest could be made so far.

Talking to The Reporters, Sadiqabad PS SHO Tahir Rehan told that a police team has been constituted to interrogate the crime incident, adding that the CCTV footage of the camera installed at the crime scene has been referred for geo fencing and the victim family will soon be called for the identification of criminals from the record the police station already hold.

Responding to a question regarding increased crime rate in Sadiqabad, SHO Tahir Rehan responded that the crime rate usually remains high in the areas located on the boundary area of Islamabad as people involved in criminal activities easily flee to the other side of the boundary.

However, he said, they are taking measures in coordination with the Islamabad police to curb criminal elements in joint operations.   He also claimed that the crime ratio in the jurisdiction is quite low as compared to the past years due to advanced measures taken by the police.

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