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EVAWG Demands Urgent Child Protection Measures

Peshawar: The End Violence Against Women and Girls Alliance (EVAWG/KP) and Child Rights Movement KP express profound sadness and strong condemnation over the tragic and inhumane death of 10-year-old Fatima Farriro in Ranipur, Sindh. This distressing incident highlights the critical need for bolstered child protection measures across Pakistan.

EVAWG/KP and CRM vehemently denounce all parties involved in this heinous act, including those attempting to conceal it. Both alliances call upon the government to swiftly and transparently investigate the matter, ensuring that the perpetrators face justice.

While the initial medical reports unveil the distressing state of child safety within our society, it is imperative to recognize that this is not an isolated occurrence. Numerous children in Pakistan remain susceptible to abuse, exploitation, and violence daily.

EVAWG/KP and CRM urge the government to take immediate actions:

  1. Strengthen Child Protection Measures: Enforce and enhance measures to safeguard children.
  2. Hold Accountable: Bring to justice all individuals who neglect their duty to protect the vulnerable, particularly children.
  3. Implement Article 25 (A) of the Constitution: Ensure rigorous implementation of the article, guaranteeing every child’s right to education, thus combating child labor.

Mr. Qamar Naseem of EVAWG/KP stated, “It is high time the government ensures comprehensive protection for our nation’s future, our children. Fatima’s tragic incident serves as a poignant reminder of the critical reforms needed.”

Child Rights Activist Mr. Zahoor commented, “Our nation cannot progress if our children are not safe. We urge the government to act promptly and decisively, preventing any recurrence of such atrocities. Education is our beacon of hope to avert such tragedies.”

The heartrending passing of Fatima serves as a stark wake-up call for the entire nation. EVAWG/KP and CRM will persist in their advocacy to guarantee the safety of every child in Pakistan and their access to quality education.

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