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Demanding Election Schedule: Legal Notice Served to ECP and Governor of Punjab

LAHORE: A legal notice has been delivered to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the Governor of Punjab by a citizen, through his lawyer Azhar Siddique, calling for the release of the election schedule.

The notice cites a Lahore High Court order, stating the ECP must conduct elections within 90 days, a deadline that would pass after 12:00 PM on February 12th, leading to a contempt of court charge.

The notice highlights that under the Election Act, the ECP is obligated to publish the election schedule within 7 days and has 54 days to conduct the election.

It asserts that issuing the election schedule is a constitutional requirement, and the governor’s failure to announce the date is a violation of his oath and constitutes contempt of court.

The notice demands the ECP to fulfill its constitutional duty by publishing the election schedule and threatens to file a contempt of court petition against both the ECP and the Governor of Punjab if the schedule is not released.

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