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CPDI report cites bureaucratic mindset as major challenge for PIC to implement RTI Act

ISLAMABAD: The bureaucratic mindset in the public bodies is the major challenge faced by the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) in the implementation of the Right of Access to Information Act, 2017.

CPDI’s report title “Assessment of Right to Information Implementation via FOIANet Methodology (Bureaucratic Hurdles)” states that the feedback from Information Commissioners of PIC shows that ‘responsiveness of public bodies’ in terms of compliance with the orders of the Commission and implementation ofthe Act is not up to the mark. Therefore, there is a need and room for improvement in the responsiveness of the public bodies.

The other challenges faced by the PIC includes, the lack of understanding and acknowledgments by officials and culture of secrecy in public bodies.

The report further states that the inadequate financial, legal and administrative resources also effects the performance of the PIC.

PIC’s Information Commissioners in response to the interview questions asked by CPDI unanimously said that the Commission has inadequate administrative resources. Inadequate number of required staff, absence of official transportation and conveyance facilities, etc., are the key shortcoming in this regard.


Nadeem Tanoli

Nadeem Tanoli is a seasoned journalist and a member of the National Press Club. With over a decade of experience, he has contributed to various Urdu and English newspapers. Recognized for his dedication to transparency and accountability, he is a recipient of the Right to Information Champion Award. For inquiries, he can be reached at nadeemumer6@gmail.com.
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