COVID -19 – Myths and Realities

By Said Nasir

The west and the rest, alike, are shaky towards Astrology, the science of prophecies and predictions. When predictions are made, attributing it to lack of scientific and pragmatic foundations, the world hardly believes it. Predictions about the novel corona virus (COVID-19) had already been made, nonetheless, any headway could not be materialized as it did not owe its relationship to any sound proof. With the outbreak of COVID-19, originating from mainland China, it was wrapped in different myths like a Chinese made disease, a Bio-terror tactic, a vaccine marketing commodity, an economic tool to crash markets, defeating the rivals through soft strategies, an ideological virus, and even as a psy-ops tool to let the opposing camps down the world over.

Apart from the Sino-American clashes over the nature and origin of COVID-19, the Third World States labelled it as the Beijing-Washington nexus as part of their corporate motives for the goals stated above. Some believed it hardly while others denied it absolutely, setting aside all the laid down SOPs. They also suspected their governments for being collaborators with the West. Some were so frightened, both in the West and rest that they believed and proposed remedies unconventional, medically and mentally, to the pandemic.

Whatever the truth about the COVID-19, more or less permeable boundaries have become a facilitator of virus to the corporate capitalist world in the post globalization era. Mercy! Mercy has been the unsung but pivotal song of today, both from all and for all. Is COVID ushering a new era of politico-economic dispensation for the world or is it just a phase near to vanish after a while being defeated by the so-called powerful west…. Let’s the time and tide decide! But apparently it seems that the entire world with all its boundless progress in the field of science and technology is seeking help from the hands unknown to them so far….. Rationality sinks or is it on the way to prevail? Are equality’s slogans creeping in and inequality challenged? Nature’s lens are very sharp.

COVID-19, even if dooms or looms, has converted from rhetoric to reality. There is no harm in accepting it as a reality and then as a challenge for our health infrastructure, policies and even our hygienic habits. If at all it is even a conspiracy, let’s convert it into an opportunity. Same mythical goals stated or set for the West can be capitalized by the rest as well. Making vaccines and ventilators, medicines and masks for the global citizenry may attach the same benefits as mythically envisaged for the so-called plotters. Medical aid, if pouring in any, must be utilized for the health care facilities. Similarly, there is no harm in following anti-COVID SOPs.

Let’s grow and go beyond the myths together. Let’s defeat the virus and focus on our health infrastructure. Let’s go for Research and Development (R&D) in the field of bio-tech, medicines and health care developmental models and mechanics. Let’s learn from the global experiences to counter the effects of fatal virus. Let’s not make it the point of political scoring alone. Let’s debate it from the standpoint of a national and natural crisis.

Let’s think about the recovery of our fragile healthcare system, poor management practices and above all addressing the economic fatalities of this calamity. Realistic and rationalistic approach alone, can address the issue. Let’s be responsible but the proud survivors of COVID-19.

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