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Balochistan Information Commission Coming Soon

QUETTA:  Balochistan Caretaker Minister for Information Jan Achakzai announced on Wednesday that the provincial government will soon appoint four information commissioners to make the Balochistan Information Commission functional. The minister made the announcement during a meeting with notables Mir Behram Lehri and Mir Bahram Baloch.

“The provincial cabinet has already given its approval for the establishment of the Information Commission,” Achakzai said. “We believe that this is an important step towards promoting transparency and accountability in the province.”

The minister added that he has taken a keen interest in the formulation of the Rules of Business for the commission. “These rules will ensure that the commission operates in a fair and efficient manner,” he said.

The appointment of the four information commissioners is expected to take place within the next few weeks. Once the commissioners are in place, the Balochistan Information Commission will be able to start processing requests for information from the public.

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