Ather Zahid Wins WrestleMax 3 Championship

Ather Zahid clinched the Fight Or Die Championship at WrestleMax 3 on May 4, 2024, at Kashmir Park in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He secured his victory with his signature move, The Desert Slam. This triumph ensures his participation in an upcoming tournament in Nepal, where he will face an Indian wrestler later this year.

Following his championship win, Ather has become a media sensation, appearing in numerous interviews on various radio and morning shows. His magnetic presence and compelling story have captivated audiences, positioning him as the next big name in professional wrestling.

At 28 years old, Ather is a trailblazer, being the first Saudi-born Pakistani professional wrestler. Born in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, he honed his wrestling skills under the tutelage of former WWE superstar Kalisto. His journey from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and into the professional wrestling arena highlights his dedication and passion for the sport.

Ather’s victory in the Fight Or Die Championship is a significant achievement, marking an important milestone for both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This win crowns him as the first Saudi-born Pakistani to claim this prestigious title, a celebrated accomplishment among fans in both nations.

Since his professional debut in 2018, Ather has been recognized for his commanding presence and exceptional physical abilities. Standing tall at 6’5″, his height adds to his formidable reputation in the ring. His impressive skills and electrifying performances have swiftly propelled him up the ranks in the wrestling world. Each match showcases his charisma and talent, establishing him as a rising star in professional wrestling.

As the first Saudi-born Pakistani wrestler, Ather serves as a role model for many aspiring young wrestlers. He demonstrates that unwavering determination and dedication can overcome any obstacle, irrespective of background or challenges. His success story inspires countless young people to pursue professional wrestling, showing that relentless perseverance can lead to remarkable achievements.

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