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AKU Welcomes Inaugural Class of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

KARACHI: The Aga Khan University launched its Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) today, diversifying its academic offerings and giving students access to a uniquely multifaceted education. AKU’s first new faculty in Pakistan in 30 years, FAS ushers in a new chapter for the University, expanding its programmes beyond the health sciences and teacher education into an array of new fields. FAS students will have the option of majoring in either Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Social Development Studies; Philosophy, Politics and Economics; or Human and Environmental Biology. Whatever profession they wish to pursue, FAS graduates will be prepared to compete and collaborate with the world’s best.
The launch of the FAS undergraduate programme represents a profound transformation in the University’s academic portfolio. It solidifies the institution’s position as a leading provider of diverse undergraduate and graduate programmes.
“The Faculty of Arts and Sciences embodies our Chancellor’s vision of providing the best educational opportunities to students in Pakistan and the developing world through inclusion, diversity and expanded access to world-class education,” AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin said. “This vision extends beyond the cultivation of top-tier health care professionals, aiming to nurture individuals who will invigorate civil society, advocate for good governance, drive social and economic progress, foster appreciation for pluralism and promote ethical conduct.”
The inaugural FAS class, comprising almost 100 students from across Pakistan, is set to embark on its educational journey. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and diversity, FAS utilizes a needs-sensitive admission process. This means that students are admitted based on merit, regardless of their ability to pay, and substantial financial assistance is available.
“We’re building on what has worked so effectively in some of the great institutions around the world, like Harvard, Yale, Middlebury or Reed,” FAS Dean Stephen Lyon said. “Bringing together multiple disciplines enables a learning environment that cultivates well-rounded people prepared for multifaceted careers, engaged citizenship and enriching lives that make a genuinely positive contribution to society.”
With the launch of FAS, the University is seeking to meet world-class standards in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, just as it has in medicine and other fields. FAS seeks to empower a diverse group of young scholars, enabling them to emerge as accomplished intellectuals who actively contribute to a brighter future for our nation.

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