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Women’s University of Swabi bans smartphones

SWABI— In a bid to improve students’ focus on education, Women’s University of Swabi has banned the use of mobile phones inside its premises.

Banned on smart phone comes at a time when youngsters are glued to social media and its uses become indelible part of everyday living.

The move comes after the poor result of the students announced last week. According to notification, issued by the varsity administration on April 19, says that smartphones/touch screen mobiles or tablets will be not allowed in the permises of Women’s University of Swabi with effect from April 20.

The statement said that students use social media applications during their study hours, which is affecting their reading, ethics and performance.
In case of any violation, notification says, authorities will take strict disciplinary proceedings by confiscating mobile phones and imposing a fine of Rs 5,000.

When contacted, University spokesperson A Wasim Khattak, said that that the move is aimed to improve and boost students’ focus on education. Girls can bring their smartphones to university but they can’t use it during their study hours.

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