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Telenor Pakistan partners with Epiphany to launch Developers’ Game Jam

ISLAMABAD: Telenor Pakistan’s corporate accelerator program, Velocity, has launched the Developers’ Game Jam: GameBird Edition, a month long hackathon for young developers in collaboration with Epiphany – a consulting firm that designs, develops, and executes game jams.

The game jam is open for everyone, starting from 22 August 2022. During the jam, attendees will learn game design and development skills, attend workshops and panel discussions, and have one-on-one mentor sessions with industry leaders. Some of the workshops included in the jam are on game design fundamentals, choosing an art direction, creating realistic world scenes, and UI/UX designs. The event is supported by international mentors from globally renowned game studios.

Since its launch in 2016, Telenor Velocity has equipped start-ups from different industry verticals with the tools necessary to thrive and scale, create employment, and contribute to the economy. So far, Telenor Velocity has conducted seven cohorts, with 42 graduated start-ups raking in 6.5 million dollars of investment.

Telenor Pakistan and Velocity’s main area of focus this year has been the growth of Esports. As part of that objective, the network recently launched Pakistan’s biggest Esports platform, GameBird. The platform offers online gaming tournaments with AAA-rated partners, live streaming and participation in international tournaments.

Khurram Ashfaque, Chief Operating Officer, Telenor Pakistan, commented, “The nationwide gaming community now has the unprecedented opportunity to advance their gaming goals with the Developers’ Game Jam. This event is not just for gamers but also for those who want to have create a successful career out of their passion for game design and development. The nation’s young, creative minds possess an abundant amount of skill and talent, and we at Telenor Pakistan, together with Epiphany, aim to amplify their share of innovative opportunities.”

Samar Hasan, founder and CEO of Epiphany said, “Epiphany’s Game Jams embody the spirit of showcasing unique content, new games and unseen talent. This provides a platform and an opportunity for creative young people and allows learning from and networking with gaming professionals from Pakistan and around the world. We are absolutely delighted to partner with Telenor Pakistan and Velocity for the third edition of our Game Jam, where the challenge is greater and the learning curve steeper than the previous game jams.”

The participants of Developers’ Game Jam: GameBird Edition can also look forward to impressive cash prizes, along with the opportunity to have their games published on Telenor Pakistan’s Esports platform – GameBird, and a chance to showcase their skills at various Esports conferences.

Participants can choose to register individually or as teams. Apply here:

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