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Swabi Groom Makes Grand Wedding Entrance via Helicopter

In the realm of Pakistan’s wedding customs filled with lavish spending and unique entries, a groom from Swabi set an extraordinary standard for his arrival on his wedding day.

Zakaria, a resident of Swabi, made a grand entrance not in a conventional vehicle but in a rented helicopter, leading his wedding procession (baraat).

The helicopter descended in Achini Bala, Peshawar, marking the arrival at the residence of Rehman Shah, Zakaria’s father-in-law.

According to authorities, the man fulfilled the bride-to-be’s wish by renting the helicopter. Accompanied by his wife, Zakaria embarked on the helicopter journey, joined by six other individuals, all collectively costing Rs800,000.

The helicopter ride spanned 40 minutes from Swabi to Achini Bala and a similar duration for the return journey. In total, Zakaria’s travel and stay amounted to three hours and 40 minutes.

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