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Rawalpindi police set up helpline to address women issues of harassment, domestic violence & abuse

Rawalpindi: A special unit has been established under the Rawalpindi police to address issues of women harassment, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ahsan Younas on Friday inaugurated the special unit in Rawalpindi. The unit staff will work in different shifts and complaints will be received 24/7 at UAN of Rawalpindi Police 111CPORWP 111276797.

Speaking the event, the CPO said Rawalpindi police have zero tolerance for crime against women, specially harassment, domestic violence and sexual abuse. He said the launch of HRU is a practical step towards the resolve of women issues. The newly established harassment unit is one of its kind in the country.

CPO Ahsan Younas said that HRU is a practical step towards the resolve of zero tolerance police against harassment, domestic violence and sexual abuse against women. the HRU will help women in performing their duties in society, he added.

Harassment Reporting Unit comprises women police officers who will approach the complainant at their doorstep in order to register a complaint. The complainant will not have to visit the police station at any step.

  Now women will be able to report harassment at home, markets, educational institutions, at work and public places to the special unit. They will also be able to report domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The police will register a case on behalf of the state if any complainant does not intend to disclose her identity. The complaints could be reported 24/7 on UAN of Rawalpindi Police 111CPORWP, 111276797.

The Harassment Reporting Unit will be headed by a woman police officer and the process will be monitored directly by the senior officers.

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