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PIMA alleges KP govt’s manipulating in Health sector ‘through unfair means’

By Shahzad Khan

SWAT: The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) management has alleged that the KP government was manipulating the Health sector ‘through unfair means’.

While addressing the press conference in Mingora on Thursday, the PIMA management also leveled allegations against the provincial government of sidelining merit-based policy and prioritizing inexperienced health staffers over qualified and experienced ones.

These allegations were leveled by PIMA’s KP-chapter President Dr Ghulshan Hussain Farooqi and other officer bearers in a press conference, held at Swat Press Club.

PIMA President Dr Ghulshan said the ‘KP government had taken wrong steps in tackling issues in the health sector’, adding that the newly launched National Licensing Examination (NLE) system is not living up to the expectations.

He further said that ‘installing the NLE system was aimed at giving a boost to fund raising as well as opening new corridors of corruption in the health sector’.

Dr Ghulshan also blamed the provincial government for favoritism and nepotism. “Junior health staff has been posted as managing director (MD) at the Noshehra’s Qazi Hussain Hospital by  overlooking experienced and veteran staffers and posting juniors and those who had been on good terms with the KP government was tantamount to annihilating the health sector, ” he said.
He said that it was a foolish decision by the government to replace the existing system of the health department with the newly launched NLE system overnight.

“The replacement of this centuries old system with the new one is devastating and will cause serious repercussions, Dr Ghulshan said.
Meanwhile, Dr Najeeb Ullah, an officer-bearer of the PIMA, said that they had serious reservations over the newly launched NLE, adding that they feared that this system was going to ruin the provincial health system.
“Those who claim to change and brag about the Medina State have no idea of the possible wreckages that their NLE is going to inflict upon us,” Dr Najeeb Ullah mentioned.

The KP government should make good use of its sense and immediately withdraw the decision of implementing this devastating system of NLE.

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