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Pak-EPA issues NOC for manufacturing polythene plastic bag in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) has renewed No Objection Certificate (NOC) to polythene plastic bag distributors and importers.

The government environment protection agency issued an NOC to AT Plastic & Pipe Store on Monday. AT Plastic & Pipe Store had applied for permission to import, distribute and sell polythene plastic bags in Islamabad for hospital waste and municipal waste.
Since August 2019, the Pak-EPA has imposed a ban on polythene plastic bags in Islamabad. As a result, unauthorized trade of polythene plastic bags is illegal in Islamabad.

Additionally, as part of the plastic bag Ban, the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility has been introduced, through which all manufacturers and importers/distributors of polythene plastic bags, who apply to Pak-EPA for authorization, also submit their detailed Recycling Plans regarding how they will support recollection and recycling of polythene waste in Islamabad.

Previously, the Pak-EPA issued authorization certificates to Muzaffar and Brothers, an Islamabad-based manufacturer of polythene plastic bags, for permission to manufacture polythene plastic bags for hospital waste, hazardous waste and municipal waste.

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