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Journalists Attacked at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad

Islamabad: A team of journalists was recently attacked by staff members and security personnel at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital in Islamabad.

The Seven News team, consisting of journalist Anwar Abbasi and anchor person Naveed Satti, were recording a program about the problems faced by patients at the hospital when they were prevented from recording by hospital staff and security personnel.

During the incident, PIMS Hospital staff tried to grab the camera and physically assaulted the journalists. However, the matter was resolved with the intervention of other people present at the scene.

The incident at PIMS Hospital is just one of many examples of mistreatment by hospital staff towards patients and their family members. In a recent video that went viral on social media, PIMS Hospital staff can be seen allegedly mistreating and using violence against a girl and her family members. Despite the evidence, the hospital authorities have refused to take any action against the staff involved in the incident.

The Deputy Executive Director of PIMS Hospital has stated that departmental action will be taken against the involved employees, and the hospital administration has apologized for the incident. Dr. Haider Abbasi, the spokesperson for PIMS Hospital, has confirmed that Clerk Usman was found guilty in the preliminary investigation.

An application has been submitted on behalf of the journalists for the registration of a case against Usman, the clerk of PIMS Hospital, at the Karachi Police Station Islamabad. The application states that while recording a program with the hospital administration, Clerk Usman snatched the camera and mobile phone from the TV cameraman, physically assaulted the journalists, and threatened to kill them.

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