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Journalist Imtiaz Butt Arrested for May 9 Incidents

Sahiwal police have arrested senior journalist Imtiaz Butt on charges of his alleged involvement in the incidents that occurred on May 9.

According to reliable sources, senior journalist Imtiaz Butt, who was detained yesterday, is scheduled to appear in a local court in Sahiwal today.

Javed Nisar, President of Sahiwal Press, confirmed the arrest of senior journalist Imtiaz Butt. He emphasized that on May 9, Imtiaz Butt was not present during the coverage of any demonstration by Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf.

Javed Nisar further added that that Imtiaz of Sahiwal Press Club is in touch with the district administration, police and Imtiaz Butt.

Sources indicate that senior journalist Imtiaz Butt did not share any pro-PTI posts on social media. However, he consistently reported on the impact of tree cutting in ongoing development projects in Sahiwal district and its environmental consequences.

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