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GB Trophy Hunt Nets $181,000 for Markhor Hunting

In the Doyan Community Controlled Hunting Area (CCHA) of Astore district, Gilgit-Baltistan, an American citizen successfully hunted the highest-rated Astore markhor under the current trophy hunting programme.

Brian Douglas Williams from the US achieved this feat, bagging an Astore markhor with 40-inch horns, according to GB wildlife officials.

Williams paid a whopping $181,000 trophy hunting permit fee to the GB Wildlife Department (GBWD) for the hunt, marking the fourth highest-rated Astore markhor hunt in the current trophy hunting programme.

Previously, hunters from the US and Belgium have also participated in the trophy hunting programme, paying substantial fees for the privilege.

The trophy hunting programme, which runs from October to April, aims to regulate hunting activities while generating revenue for local communities and the government.

In the latest auction held by the GB Forest, Parks and Wildlife Department, permits for hunting various rare species, including Astore markhors, blue sheep, and Himalayan ibex, were auctioned.

The proceeds from the permits are distributed, with 80% going to local communities for development projects and the remaining 20% deposited in the government treasury.

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