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Fighting the pandemic, Manga villagers seek relief measures to fight lockdown’s affects

MARDAN: The residents of the Mangah village of Mardan, who were put under lock down for last seven days after death of a local from past spreading corona virus, asked the district and provincial government to provide them relief.

After the death of Saadat Khan, 50, from pandemic virus in the Mangah village of Mardan, the district administration has locked down the village on March in effort to slow down the cornona spreading. However, due to shortage of the daily items and foods, the villagers broke the lack down twice and came out in protest against the district administration. Later army was called to enforce lock down.

Despite their protest, the district administration did not turned back to look into the poor families of Mangah and have failed to arrange the food or relief package for them until now.

Zubair Ali – social activist in Mangah – said, the higher officials of the district administration visited the area just for the photo session. They deliver a lecture to the locals about the safety precaution regarding the corona virus and gone back.

They requested the district authorities to provide them food items, masks and other essential items, however they didn’t addressed their demands, he said adding the villagers are very poor and majority of them are daily wage workers.

To a question regarding the current situation of the Mangah, he said, social workers like him and others are requesting the welfare organizations and financially sound people through social media and using personal links to help the people in this hard time, and they are helping them but this is not the permanent solution.

Zubair maintained, by the grace of Allah, only one union council of effected from this virus in Mardan, all the concentration is on this union council even then the district administration failed to provide any kind of relief to the residents of this area, if any other area get effect just imagine how worst will be the situation in Mardan?

Mardanwal Khalaq – a non-government organization – on Wednesday has provided 40 package of daily used items including flour, Lentils, oil, sugar and others to the residents of the Mangah village.

Junaid Manduri – General Secretary of Mardanwal Khalaq – said, they understand that only 40 food packages for the populations of 35 thousand people is not enough but this is an attempt to alleviate the difficulties of Mangah residents and they will continue their support to them.

To a question regarding the safety measure during the social activities, he said, they are following the precautions and guidelines issued by the health experts for corona virus and they avoid unnecessary meet-ups.

He appealed the provincial government, welfare organizations and financially stable peoples to help the residents of Mangah village in this hard time and also take care of their self-respect as well while helping them.

Abdul Salam Afridi of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf was elected as Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) from this area (PK-53 Mardan-VI). According to the locals, like the bureaucrats the MPA Abdul Salam also did not visited the area to inquire about the problems of Mangah people after the lock down.

Mangah is a union council PK-53 Mardan-VI having estimated population of more than 35 thousand people.

Despite repeated attempt, the deputy commissioner Mardan and MPA Abdul Salam Afridi could not be reached for their comments.

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