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DGTO directs FPCCI to give permanent office to VP Nawaz Mandoori

ISLAMABAD: Directorate General of Trade Organizations (DGTO) has directed Secretary General of FPCCI to provide permanent office space to the Vice President Muhammad Nawaz Mandoori in FPCCI building at Islamabad.

Taking action on a complaint filed by Vice President Nawaz Mandoori regarding alleged discrimination by the Secretary General and management committee FPCCI, the DGTO ordered Secretary General of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to finalize a policy for allocation of Office spaces to office bearers of FPCCI within 15 days.

The order [copy is available with The Reporters] states, the stance of Nawaz Mandoori also elicits concern as the he has alleged that unelected members of FPCCI are enjoying permanent office in FPCCI buildings, namely Qurban Ali, Ex-Vice President and Abdul Rehman Coordinator of FPCCI, whereas he as an elected office bearer of FPCCI has right to represent chamber of small traders and small industries across Pakistan, yet he is facing issues in obtaining office space.

Nawaz Mandoori also argued that most of the Chambers of Small Traders and Small Industries are registered in Northern Punjab, therefore requirement for permanent office space in FPCCI Islamabad office appears genuine, Order states.

The three pages verdict further states that there is no specific legal provision in the Trade Organizations Act 2013, Trade Organizations Rules, 2013 and Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AoA) of FPCCI which governs the allocation of office space to Vice President and Office bearers of FPCCI, therefore it is apparent that the merits of this case can only be considered on the basis of the previous practice and precedents.

The Secretary General FPCCI is also directed to provide all facilitation to Nawaz Mandoori as per past practice and precedents.

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