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Dengue Alert: Medical experts urged to prepare for challenge

Media and civil society should play role for creating awareness as dengue season started

ISLAMABAD: Post Graduate Medical Institute Principal Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has urged doctors, nurses and paramedics not to forget the challenge of dengue during the covid-19 pandemic and to be fully prepared in this regard.

Dr Al-freed Zafar further said that now the dengue season has started so all the health professionals must attend the training workshops to enhance their professional skills and keep their knowledge related to dengue updated.

He said that in some cases dengue also takes the form of a deadly epidemic for the prevention of which it is necessary to make proper arrangements for the treatment of dengue patients in hospitals.

Dr Zafar said that along with the government, media, civil society and social organizations also have to play their part in preventing diseases and raising public awareness and creating sensitivity on diseases like dengue.

The PGMI Principal further said that advances in medicine and science have provided various platforms to educate doctors on modern therapies.

Physicians now have a duty to keep their medical knowledge up-to-date to meet the challenges of the day, especially young doctors, he added.

Dr Tahir Siddique and Dr Muhammad Maqsood said that relatives should not hide the patient’s medical history from the doctor so that his treatment is not delayed.

 Prof. Al-freed especially urged the female doctors to conduct hygiene and counseling of the people around them as dengue cannot be eradicated without sanitation and in this regard, we all have to fulfill our individual and collective responsibilities.

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