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CPI Handles 260 Child Protection Cases Since Inception

ISLAMABAD: Child Protection Institute (CPI), Ministry of Human Rights, has dealt with 260 cases of child protection since its inauguration in June 2021, says the data released by CPI. Among the total number, 243 were boys and 17 were girls.

Majority of the cases dealt by CPI were referred by ICT Police (173) whereas around 30 were rescued by the CPI Child Protection officers and 57 were referred by other sources. Regarding the status of total cases, 258 cases has already been closed. Out of the total number of cases, 125 cases were of beggary, 56 of child labour, 30 of garbage pickers, 15 cases of drug abuse, 9 of sexual abuse and 20 cases were of neglect. Majority of children belonged to the age group of 11 to 15 years.

Established under Child Protection Act 2018, the Child Protection Institute was inaugurated on June 10, 2021. The Institute is dedicated to ensuring the safety, well-being, and rights of children in distress. With a team of experienced professionals, the institute provides a range of services such as shelter, rehabilitation, counselling, and family reunification etc. aimed at protecting and supporting children facing challenging circumstances.

First inaugurated in Hummak and later transferred to H-9, the Institute has recently been moved to the central location of G-6. The new facility, situated in the heart of the city, is now fully functional and offers a centralized location with essential services, such as hospitals and police stations, within a 2-kilometer radius, as per international standards.

The central location minimizes travel time and enhances the overall convenience for those requiring the institute’s services. Proximity to Essential Services: With hospitals and police stations in close proximity, the institute can collaborate more effectively with these critical entities to ensure the well-being and safety of children under its care. This collaborative approach is vital for comprehensive child protection and support.

“One of the first step taken after moving CPI to new location, was to operationalize helpline 1121 and website. Despite the fact that the institute is in its teething stage as it awaits recruitments on approved posts and allocation of funds that are frozen under government’s austerity drive, we are proud that the Institute is now fully functional and receiving cases on regular basis,” said Rabeea Hadi, Director General CPI.

She said that currently, the Institute provides shelter to boys. “Until the female warden is recruited, we have this arrangement of referring the cases of girls to the Family Protection and Rehabilitation Center and their cases are followed by the CPI staff as per CPI process from here,” she explained. She said that PC 1 of girl’s section has been approved and funds were allocated to establish the section under Prime Minister Women Empowerment Package announced last year. “As soon as the funds are released, the girl’s section will start the serive delivery operations,” she added.

She said that the new location has positioned CPI at the center of the city and allowed the Institute to be more responsive to the needs of the community. “Our focus remains on providing the highest quality care and support for children in distress, and this relocation enables us to do so more effectively,” said the DG.

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