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Content Creator MHToori Accuses PTV of Copyright Violation

Muzzamil Hussain, known as “MHTOORI,” has filed a copyright infringement claim against Pakistan Television (PTV) World. He alleges that without his consent, PTV World aired a video on September 30, 2023, assembled from clips from his Facebook page, which he had originally posted in March 2019.

Muzzamil Hussain, who boasts over 300,000 followers on his Facebook page and a substantial tourism fan base on Twitter and YouTube, has served a legal notice to PTV World for copyright infringement. He claims that PTV World’s unauthorized use of his content violates the Copyright Ordinance, 1962, as he holds sole ownership and copyright over his social media channels.

The disputed video showcases Pakistan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, featuring locations like Gwadar, Khanpur Dam, Swabi KPK, Islamabad College University, Okara, and more. It also incorporates photographs from scenic spots such as Skardu Cold Desert, Lulusar Lake, Atabad Lake, Rakaposhi, and Kalam.

Toori has demanded an immediate halt to the video’s broadcast and distribution, a written acknowledgment of the unauthorized use, and a formal apology. Additionally, he seeks compensation of Rs200 million as stipulated by the Copyright Ordinance, 1962. PTV World has a 70-day window to respond; non-compliance may result in legal action to safeguard Muzzamil Hussain’s rights and seek the specified compensation.

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