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CM Punjab helicopter fuel expenditure jumps 220 percent in 2022

SAHIWAL: The fuel expenditure of the Punjab Chief Minister has increased by 220% in the year of 2022 compared to the previous year 2021.

According to information obtained under the Right to Information Act by this scribe, the Punjab Chief Minister’s helicopter flew 172 times and incurred fuel expenses of 2 Crore 2 Lakh and Sixty Thousand Rupees. In 2021, the helicopter flew 132 times, costing 89 Lakh 35 thousand rupees in fuel.

According to the statistics, the Chief Minister’s helicopter’s fuel expenses have dramatically increased in 2022. The cost of helicopter maintenance or repairs, on the other hand, slightly dropped, with 22 Lakh 95 thousand rupees spent in 2021 and 21 Lakhs spent in 2022.

CM Punjab Helicopter

The helicopter was used 43 times for “VIP missions,” but the details of these missions are not specified in the documents obtained.

The helicopter of the Chief Minister Punjab arrived at the Prime Minister House Islamabad on May 16 last year, from here the helicopter took off for Kala Bagh on May 17 and took a flight from Kala Bagh to Murree on the same day, stayed one night in Murree. Later, the helicopter arrives at Noor Khan Airbase (Rawalpindi) and flies back to Lahore.

A few days later, on June 8, the Chief Minister’s helicopter was once again used for a similar VIP mission. On June 8, the helicopter of the Chief Minister of Punjab once again arrives at Noor Khan Air Base and then the Prime Minister House, from here the helicopter once again departs for Kala Bagh and after a short stay there, flies to Murree. After staying overnight in Murree, the helicopter takes off for Kalabagh the next day.

Usman Buzdar Helicopter

Whether there is a specific official need to use CM Punjab’s helicopter using the public money to complete a VIP mission from Prime Minister House to Kala Bagh and then from there to Murree, documents are again silent.

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In 2021, the helicopter was used 10 times by then Prime Minister Imran Khan and 3 times by the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi.

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