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Civil society urges govt and SC to take notice of PIA’s overcharging in wake of coronavirus

Swat: Civil society has asked the federal government and supreme court of Pakistani to take notice of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) of overcharging the passengers who are returning back from abroad due to corona pandemic.

Sardar Waqar Shehzad Advocate – Social Activist from Swat – has appealed the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the higher charges by the PIA from the overseas Pakistanis who want to return to their homeland.

Advocate Sardar Waqar Shehzad while talking to the media said that during the recent Corona epidemic, PIA has received more than double charges to bring back the overseas Pakistanis from abroad and has been very cruel to the overseas Pakistanis.

He said that notice should be taken of this and those responsible should be punished by setting up a Judicial Commission as Pakistanis living abroad, mostly in the Gulf countries and belonging to the working class, have done their best.

He said that Pakistanis living abroad send their hard earned money to Pakistan in the form of foreign exchange, so during the recent pandemic it was the responsibility of the PIA and the government to repatriate Pakistanis abroad without any charges ,Sardar Waqar Shehzad Advocate maintained that the government has not fulfilled its promise of an Islamic welfare state which is reprehensible.

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