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Attacks on Military Installations: COAS Considers Trials under Army Act

Islamabad: General Syed Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), presided over a special Corps Commanders Conference (CCC) at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi on Monday. The conference participants paid tribute to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives while defending the country against the menace of terrorism.

Successful Counter-Terrorism Operations and Intelligence-based Operations Acknowledged

The forum acknowledged the successful counter-terrorism and intelligence-based operations by the security forces in the country, especially the valiant response given by the troops in the Muslim Bagh attack.

The conference also paid rich tribute to the supreme sacrifices made by the brave sons of the soil. The forum was briefed in detail about the prevailing internal and external security environment.

Condemnation of Politically Motivated Arson Plan

The conference was briefed that a well-coordinated arson plan was executed, involving the desecration of pictures of the martyrs, burning down of historical buildings, and vandalism of military installations, to malign the institution and provoke it towards giving an impulsive reaction.

The forum condemned these politically motivated and instigated incidents against military installations and public/private properties in the strongest possible sense.

Firm Resolve Against Perpetrators of Attacks

The armed forces are well aware of the planners, instigators, abettors, and perpetrators of these attacks, based on the irrefutable evidence collected so far, and attempts to create distortions in this regard are absolutely futile.

The forum expressed a firm resolve that those involved in these heinous crimes against military installations and personnel/equipment will be brought to justice through trials under relevant laws of Pakistan, including the Pakistan Army Act and Official Secret Act.

The forum resolved that restraint will no longer be exercised against perpetrators, spoilers, and violators who attack military installations and setups under any circumstances.

Concern Over Propaganda Warfare

The forum also showed concern over externally sponsored and internally facilitated orchestrated propaganda warfare unleashed against the Army leadership, meant to create fissures between the armed forces and people of Pakistan, and within the rank and file of the armed forces.

The vicious propaganda of such inimical forces will be defeated with the support of the people of Pakistan, who have always stood with the armed forces during all odds. The forum stressed the need for strict implementation of relevant laws to penalize the violators of social media rules and regulations.

Emphasis on National Consensus and Political Stability

The forum emphasized the need for national consensus amongst all stakeholders to address the ongoing political instability at priority so as to restore public confidence, reinvigorate economic activity, and strengthen the democratic process.

The conference also resolved to support all such efforts to reach this much-needed consensus.

Resolve to Defeat Enemies of Pakistan

The forum resolved that the Pakistan Army, with the full support of the people of Pakistan, will defeat all nefarious designs of the enemies of Pakistan, Insha Allah.

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